Saturday, October 23, 2010

Animation exercises

I'm learned-ing!
Walk Cycle

Jumping Flour Sack

Jumping Beachball with One Leg

Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Maquette

He still needs to be baked and painted, so stay tuned... I'll get to it when I have a bit of time. Maybe Christmas break? Good thing he's not too Halloween-y!

My design: 

(He's a nintendo wizard) here is his description:

He’s normally a withdrawn, quiet type that gets picked on in class. He’s overweight and a sloppy dresser. When he’s not playing video games on the computer, he’s in front of the television. He’s the epitome of the lazy overweight North American child. But Halloween is his time to shine. One night out of the year (because any other night his mom won’t let him wear the outfit) he becomes… the Wizard! Donning his cape and Nintendo staff, glove and gun holster, he heads into the night to thwart evil doers with his Nintendo-magic.  His normally shy demeanor is replaced by bold and confident kung-fu moves! (Why does a wizard know Kung fu? – No matter!) On October 31 - the wizard is somewhere out there. Fighting for justice for video game nerds long until his 9 O’clock curfew.

The Maquette: 

And the group shot:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My work station!

My "I've never blogged before" Post!

Ok so this is my first post and it's way overdue. This was my application to the Capilano University commercial animation program... I applied in April, it's now October. Go me!